How does it Work?

Our WiFi works with:

Multiply word-of-mouth advertising for your business by three, four or even five times with more and more likes, followers and check ins

Increase your reach and SEO

Enable your customers to help you increase your online presence, while you can concentrate on your business. Watch your customer base grow every day with our proven visitor marketing strategy.

Get Real Time Insights:
Who are your visitors?

When you learn who your customers are, you can segment customers with similar behaviour and send them targeted email campaigns, encourage them to revisit your store. Retargeting campaigns are a proven method of increasing and retaining customers.

Advertising in your core
target group

Advertising when not done right can burn a hole in marketing budget and lead you nowhere. With our WiFi solutions you don't need to spend on expensive advertising. Instead you make direct communications with your existing customers, learn about their preferences and work towards satisfying that to keep them coming back in your store.

Why choose V4's WiFi Solutions?

Several languages

Your customers can come from diverse backgrounds who are comfortable to interact with online systems in their preferred language. With our WiFi solution you get your login portal and promotional material in several languages, to accommodate a diverse base of customers.

Increase your TripAdvisor ratings automatically

Online ratings can be the single most important factor that can help you drive organic customer traffic into your store. With our WIFI you can automatically ask your customer for a TripAdvisor review, increase your ratings and build social trust that reflects directly on your revenue.

Easy access without passwords

Sharing and resharing passwords with customers can be an added unnecessary task for you. Why create extra layers when you can be smart? Get your customers online in 1 just one click. No fuss exchanging passwords. Simple and easy to use for every customer.

Free promotional material

You receive stickers and table stands with a step-by-step plan for easy online access in several languages. These additional brand collaterals give more touchpoints for your customers to interact with your business. All this is included in the price.

Landing page in your own brand style

Your customer interface will be customised as per your own brand style, guidelines and messaging to maintain a unified brand image across your business. This creates a professional outlook for your business and increases social trust in your brand.

Reports and dashboard

The dashboard includes in-depth insights about your customers, collected email addresses and gives you control over your WiFi network. Our managing reporting gives you the power to make real time decisions based on your customer insights.

Create, send targeted messages and convert

Create email campaigns that lead to higher conversion rates and send them to your customers,based on gender, age, language, date of birth, visited locations and amount of visits. Retargeting campaigns will help you bring lost customers back to your business.

Hassle free onboarding and managed after service

With V4's WiFi solution, you get easy hassle free onboarding followed by a fully managed after service. Our dedicated support team proactively ensures that you are getting the best out of our service by working closely with you in the following weeks and months to follow.

Is your business ready to adapt to your visitors'
demand for high speed internet?

According to a recent study by Ofcom
"7% of people in the UK claim to consume video content in pubs, cafes and restaurants using their tablets or mobile phones. This figure is likely to grow in the coming months and years, given the easy availability of various sources of quality content on mobile devices."

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