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Dispute Handling Process

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Introduction and Services

V4 Telecom is a telecommunications supplier that offers Telephony Systems, Line Rental, Phone Calls, Broadband, Ethernet, EFM, Hosted Computing, Mobile Telephony & online services to Businesses in the UK.

Contact Details:
V4 Telecom's Mailing Address:

V4 Telecom UK
228 Widdrington Road
Cash's Business Centre

UK Business Support Centre:

Telephone Number: 02477 580005

Customer Services:
(Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm & Saturday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm)

Operations Manager:
Ben Laxton
Web: www.v4telecom.co.uk

Complaints Manager:

At V4, we make every effort to ensure that our customers are happy with the service levels we deliver, along with the products and services they receive from us at all times. However, despite our best efforts, things may go wrong sometimes. We take customer disputes extremely seriously and aim to resolve them with the best possible outcome and in a timely, pro-active and efficient manner under all circumstances.

Pricing Information Release

All customers are provided with key pricing information and the appropriate terms at the point of sale or account set up via electronic mail as well as via post through welcome letters or due postal letters upon account renewals conducted. The appropriate pricing Terms are available upon request to Customers by either visiting our web live chat or by contacting our customer service department on 02477 580005 during the designated business hours as detailed above or via email to support@v4telecom.co.uk

Contract Conditions & Terms.

The V4 Telecom Agreements are set out in an order sign up format, which provides an overview of the contract and general terms of supply. The below features appear clearly on them namely:

Contact details for the Company

Minimum period of supply

Features of service, including charges for local and national calls

Payment terms including the method signed up to

Termination procedures and fees, which may be applicable

Customer Service opening hours & applicable administration fee

Cancellation requests outside of this period will be referred to our Terms of Business, of the customer contract. A copy of the Terms of Business is available on the V4 Telecom website or by contacting our customer service department on 02477 580005 or via email to support@v4telecom.co.uk during the designated business hours as detailed above or on live chat during business hours. This ensures that the customer is provided with the correct terms and conditions which are applicable to the agreement entered into and provided at the point of sale or shortly afterwards via a welcome letter as a compulsory compliance measure we use on all new orders. V4 Telecom's standard minimum period of supply for all new customers is 36 months, unless otherwise stated on Business Accounts & a 24-Months minimum term applies to Residential Accounts.

Dispute Handling Process at V4

Any customer disputes relating to our services should be made in the first instance by contacting our customer service department on 02477 580005 or via email to support@v4telecom.co.uk during the designated business hours as detailed above or in writing to: Customer Services Manager, V4 Telecom UK, 228 Widdrington Road, Cash's Business Centre, Coventry, CV1 4PB.

A prompt internal investigation will be conducted and we will aim to provide a resolution to the customer within 28 days.

If you believe that your dispute has not been dealt with satisfactorily then you should then write to Gurpal Gill, Customer Experience Director, V4 Telecom UK, 228 Widdrington Road, Cash's Business Centre, Coventry, CV1 4PB or email: am@v4telecom.co.uk for escalating your complaint.

Our Customer Experience Director will take upon the mandate to provide a resolution to the customer within 28 days and reach our internal targets in Customer Experience. V4 will investigate all disputes and take appropriate action to resolve any complaint where necessary as our top priority within our day to day operations at all times.

Dispute Acceptance Trail at V4

A record of the dispute, together with all subsequent activity, will be entered onto the appropriate customer database systems of V4 within the Notes Section. The immediate enquiry handler (the employee who makes first contact with the Customer at the 1st instance) will attempt to resolve the dispute. If the handler or the V4 Member is not able to successfully resolve the dispute, the relevant information will then be passed to the appropriate senior member within the same department to take ownership and resolve it immediately for the Customer. Unresolved enquiries will be transferred to the Customer Experience Director.

Dispute Investigation Process Outline at V4

The relevant departments will routinely investigate any disputes received across the week, irrespective of nature, customer type and collate all relevant evidence via the notes trail and random call audits with the end customer. This may involve speaking to the end customer to document the course of events that led to the original dispute. Independently, employees attending to the customer in the 1st instance may be asked for their versions of events. The department will complete their investigation and present a report to the Management within 48 hours. They will also relay the process, along with the decision of how the dispute is to be resolved for the customer and provide details of how to escalate the complaint if the customer is not satisfied.

Dispute Resolution Conclusion at V4

The Company aims to resolve any disputes to the satisfaction of the customer at all times as our biggest priority and reaching the weekly Customer experience targets for our Customer Service Teams. This must be balanced against an obligation to the employee to be treated fairly and to the commercial reality of the customer's contractual obligation & dependence of V4 upon its upstream suppliers to resolve network and system related faults within designed SLAs, force majeure events etc. If the customer is not satisfied a further course of action will be advised immediately to the Customer via our V4 Members at all times. Compensation or a credit will be considered where appropriate, if genuine fault can be established and was within control of V4 to resolve within the given SLAs. SLAs from upstream carriers & suppliers will be passed on to the Customer by V4 with utmost effort to resolve the complaint as soon received.

FAQs for the Customer on V4's Dispute Handling Process

Can I refer my dispute to someone else if I'm still unhappy with the way V4 Telecom has dealt with it.

Ombudsman Services:

An ombudsman service provides complaint resolution for communications, energy, property and copyright licensing industries. We are experts in dispute resolution; here to sort out complaints about the companies which have joined us. These services sort out disputes between communications providers and their consumer and small business customers. Their job is to investigate complaints fairly by listening to both sides of the story. They look at the facts given to them before recommending any action that may be needed to put things right. Alternatively, if at any time you are not satisfied with the progress of your complaint you can ask us to agree an early referral to Ombudsman Services. However, we may decline to do so if we do believe we will shortly resolve your complaint and are taking active steps to do so, whilst keeping you actively informed of progress at regular intervals.

You may contact them by using the below:

Phone: 0330 440 1614
Fax: 0330 440 1615
Text phone: 0330 440 1600

Phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm. They are closed at the weekends, on bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year.

If you need to write to them, you can do so using the following address:

Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730