Signing up to V4

Switching over to V4 is a very simple process. We send a notification to your existing supplier that we are intending to take over billing for your fixed line services, However we do recommend that you check with them regarding any cancellation fees and understanding your final bill from them.

In most cases, when transferring your fixed line services to us there is no interruption to service but on the odd occasion there may be a little glitch beyond our control which means a small amount of downtime is experienced but rest assured we do everything in our control to ensure there is no downtime suffered. The only exception to this is your broadband service which as we state below in our broadband section can transfer at any time until midnight on the day of transfer, so there may be an element of downtime in this scenario which will be minimised as much as possible and usually doesn't last for any longer than 1 hour from the point your old service stops working.

There will be no change in your number, it remains the same.

You would need to contact your current provider until the transfer date. After the transfer has completed you should contact V4 Telecom.


You would need to contact the V4 Telecom customer support team.

Your phone line is part of the BT Openreach network and BT Openreach engineers will repair the fault on the line.

This would vary as it would depend upon the nature, location and availability of the engineer in the affected area. The commitment time is 72 working hours for standard lines. However, there are different care levels based on priority at an additional cost per month.

Moving Premises

Please contact us a month prior to the move and provide us with the detailed information. Feel free to Contact Us for more information

If you are moving within the area covered by your existing telephone exchange, you should be able to take your existing number. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

There are two options available should you not be able to retain your number:
a) Caller Redirect is a recorded message which prompts callers to your new number. This costs 9.99 per month.
b) Remote Call Forwarding is a diversion to your new number. This costs 30 per month plus the cost of the diverted calls. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

The charge to transfer your number to a new line at your new premises is 65 + VAT. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

Yes, this is part of the premises move service we offer you. A member of the Move and Change team will contact you to arrange an appointment date and time.

It is very difficult to provide a committed timescale as each move is unique. However, you should inform us a month prior to your move and it may take around 2 weeks for move to complete.

Yes, we will utilise any additional available services we can offer to minimise the impact to your businesses.

Billing and Payments

V4 invoices monthly.

The first invoice will include charges on a pro rata basis for the part of the month in which you transferred plus one month in advance.

V4 encourages payment by Direct Debit. Payments are also accepted by Debit/Credit Card and cheque. Payments by any method other than Direct Debit incur an admin charge of 8.99 per month.

Our invoices are not fully itemised, however you have the functionality to obtain a detailed call itemisation when you access your account online in the ?Account Log In? section of our website

Yes, 2.99 for paper billing. However e-billing is free of charge.

Yes it is, you would need to register to access My Account, where you can view, and download, print and save your statements.

Debit and Credit Card payments are processed the same working day. Cheques are processed the day it is received, however allow 5 working days for the cheque to reach us. Please write your V4 account number clearly on the back of the cheque.

We suggest you make a card payment as well as update your new Direct Debit details via the My Account option on our website. Alternatively you could contact us immediately to make a Credit/Debit card payment. You can use either the automated payment system or speak to a member of the Customer Services team. We will then need to re-set your direct debit for any future payments.


Yes, V4 installs new lines. The cost of new line installation is 65 + vat.


1. Restart your computer
2. Restart your router
3. Use alternative ADSL filters (if possible)
4. Use alternative router (if possible)
5. Close any software on your computer which uses the connection ? including games, peer-to-peer software, email programs, messenger programs and webpages

There are many factors in determining your broadband speed, the most common can be found below:

  • Line length: Distance from your premises to the local BT exchange
  • Noise on line: Quality of lines varies from line to line. You could have two lines in same premises, but the speed may be different due to the quality difference on both.
  • Interference: street lighting, car navigation systems, TVs, home central heating and other electrical devices, can interfere with the DSL connection and cause speed and at times the connection could be intermittent and appear as slow.
  • Router: A Faulty or an old router on the verge of breaking down can cause slow speed where it is not able to maintain a stable or highest possible sync rate in accordance with the line statistics.
  • Micro filter/internal wiring: Micro filter a wiring between the BT socket and router a wiring between the router and the PC/laptop can all cause slow speeds. By replacing each one by one can in most cases narrow the problem down and resolve it.
  • Heavy utilisation: If the connection is being shared by many users it can appear as slow due to the speed for each user being limited as they are sharing the bandwidth.

No, unless you have a maintenance agreement with V4 Telecom. Please note, maintenance covering your phone system will not cover your internal IT equipment.

Warranties on our routers are one year

Generally no as this is the agreed date provided by Openreach, However there is an escalation process that can be followed to potentially bring your live date forward should there be an urgent need for the live date to be sooner but this facility does carry additional cost. Please contact our support team for more information.

Unfortunately no, the broadband could go live any time up to Midnight on the agreed day

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