What is PSTN?

The Public Switched Telephone Network or as it's simply known as a ‘telephone line’ supports a number of Openreach products with communication providers. This is the most commonly used method for phone users within small offices only using one line or one number. You may not even know that your office is using PSTN and you could be at risk.
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Why is PSTN being Switched off?

PSTN is becoming obsolete and with Openreach heavily focusing on their fibre first network, their traditional phone line is becoming harder and harder to maintain prompting Openreach to withdraw its current product line by 2025.

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Phone System

Upgrading your phone lines will also bring you
heaps of new features for your phone systems

Why choose V4 Telecom?

All Round Brilliance
  • Quick no hassle set up
  • Low maintenance with packages available
  • Excellent customer service on live chat or calls
  • In house engineers on call
  • Unlimited standard calls
Security and Reliability
  • Layers of security
  • Cloud data storage to safeguard your information
  • Still be connected during outages or during disasters
  • Bespoke solutions
  • One provider. One bill
Flexible Remote Working Anytime
  • Employee’s desk phones, mobiles, laptops into a mobile office
  • 24/7 Connection with an internet connection
  • Customer first policy

How will upgrading your lines benefit your business?

A Select Few:

  • Introduce Ultra-fast broadband speeds to your business
  • New phone features
  • Fast set up with minimal maintenance
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Are you Ready?

You don’t have to do this alone, we are here to help you through the change all the way, till the very end. V4 Telecom can guide you through everything you need at a cost-effective rate, bespoke to your business.