What is Cloud Telephony (Hosted PBX)?

Cloud Telephony (Hosted PBX) brings all of the features you know and love from an on-premise phone system and delivers them through the cloud. Our Cloud Telephony for business is tailored to deliver reliable and simple communications to your desktop from highly secure and resilient data centres. This means we manage the phone system for you and you just use the handset, web portal or applications to access everything you need, when you need it.

Why would it suit your business?

Because our Cloud Telephony is designed to scale it suits all sizes of business whether you are have a single home office or multiple locations around the globe. With on-demand features and same-day provisioning you can add users or remove users quickly and easily. With our advanced feature packs you can completely tailor the user’s experience and provide a call centre solution, reception console and much more with a simple click.

What benefits will it deliver to your business?

Cloud Telephony from V4 brings your teams together with simple tools for collaboration and Communication. On-demand access to features and the ability to add or remove users means you have the flexibility to adapt to your business needs. With fully featured handsets and simple web, PC or smartphone interfaces your users will understand the benefits of Cloud in record time.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony

Pay as you grow

Our Cloud Telephony will set you free from complexity and concerns over your resource utilization for business communications. You can adjust capacity, features and applications as needed through a simple management tool. You can optimize your communication needs as your business grows.

Easy start up cloud solution

There are no minimum quantity requirements for licenses in V4 Cloud, you can start service from a single license. So you can easily get a cloud solution while protecting your IT resources. V4's Cloud is simply the best answer to meet your needs and minimize the upfront investment on your business communication solution.

Customise to your goals and budget

Our Cloud Telephony features outstanding flexibility in deployment and can be deployed as a Public, Private and Hybrid cloud solution. Different businesses have different communication needs and environments. With V4, you can deploy the best fit to your business needs.

Easily expand your business

As your business grows, and you find yourself with the need to expand your communications network to the branch offices, you can easily do this with the V4's Cloud. There is no need to invest in additional hardware for your inter-office communications. You can easily customize your business network deployment for multi-sites.

Supports Voice & Video

There are a variety of options for business collaborations available. You may be looking for diverse collaboration tools for your own business. Our Cloud Telephony has a proven business communication solution in IP telephony market. We offer a wide range of portfolios including Cloud, IP PBX, UC applications, voice, video and management tools. You can easily get the experience of diverse high quality collaboration tools whatever you need them.

Powerful telephony features

We offer a full range of telephony features such as Hot Desk, Mobile Extension, Group Queuing, Multi/One/Shared Number etc. You get the experience of high-quality telephony features without losing your trusted on premise type features when you switch to V4's Cloud.

Collaborate smarter

You can easily collaborate among colleagues in real-time with multi devices (mobile and desktop) including IM, chatting, SMS, voice, video etc. And, if you need a web conferencing solution for a more robust collaboration solution, you can take advantage of our convenient video conferencing functions.

Communicate like you are in the office

Most of your employees are communicating with multiple devices. With V4's Cloud, you can enjoy the same rich features like voice, video and collaboration tools with any of your devices at anytime, anywhere. Also, your extension number will be the same on all your devices as one number service. With one number service, you can communicate just like your in the office without limitations.

Continuity for your communication
and business

Enjoy the perfect UcaaS environment for seamless communication. You can boost productivity with integrated communications that is always available on your desktop, laptop, mobile and tablets. Enjoy the empowering features including presence, instant voice/video communication, e-mail, text, chat and much more. You can collaborate anytime, anywhere with no restrictions.

Improve customer service

You may have experienced missing an important business call while you're out of office. Having continuity in your business communication is very important for your customer satisfaction. V4's Cloud integrates your office's communication as a seamless service to your customer. It connects offices and individuals seamlessly to support real-time communication and bring customers closer.

Key Features

Telephony Essentials

  • Auto Attendant

  • Hunt groups

  • Pickup groups

  • Paging groups

  • Voicemail

  • Voicemail to email

  • Music on hold

Collaboration & Mobility

  • Instant Messaging

  • Presence

  • Conferencing

  • Skype for Business Integration

  • Mobile phone pairing

  • Voicemail to email

  • Link multiple devices

  • Hot Desk

  • Disaster Recovery

Control & Visibility

  • Analytics

  • Call reporting

  • Scheduled reports

  • Call recording

  • Live call monitoring

  • Portal for simple management

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