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What is HDS?

HDS is the fully Hosted Desktop Service of choice at V4 Telecom. If you have an available internet connection, users can access their Windows desktop, all their applications and email software from anywhere, at any time across a vast range of internet-enabled devices.

As the service is fully hosted in the cloud, businesses can operate without the requirement of on premise server. This not only provides significant cost savings but also frees up valuable office space.

To ensure optimum security, all user data is hosted and stored securely in our partners? state-of-the-art data centres. The system also includes built-in disaster recovery to eliminate the threat of downtime.

Who can use HDS?

HDS is ideal for companies that are looking to upgrade or expand their existing computer network. Users can re-utilise old hardware devices enabling significant cost savings to be made.

With Microsoft no longer supporting XP, users can easily upgrade to HDS to avoid the worry of upgrading operating systems manually. HDS offers seamless transitions to new software and Microsoft updates, removing the threat of insecure, outdated software.

As HDS only requires an internet connection, it is ideal for users moving to new offices, relocating to other branches or remote workers.

Why HDS?

  • Network of secure and robust data centres
  • Enhance your green credentials ? HDS claims up to 80% power savings for your business
  • Mobile solutions that can integrate with an ?operate from anywhere? approach

What are the benefits of using HDS for your business?

  • Up to 40% cost savings over a traditional IT Setup.
  • Freedom to work from anywhere.
  • Instant scaling at the click of a button.
  • Only pay for what you need to use.
  • Enables a secure BYOD policy.
  • Reduced software expenses.
  • Secure, backed-up data.
  • Solid Disaster Recovery Solution.
  • No Updates ? All software will be kept up to date automatically.

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