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Analogue Lines

V4 Telecom?s Analogue services come in either single or multi-lines. A single line allows users to make one incoming and outgoing call at a time. With Multi-lines, they allow users to make multiple incoming and outgoing calls on one telephone number. They can be used individually with phones plugged directly into sockets or attached to a telephone system.


All phone lines can come with a range of features, such as call divert or barring, to simplify communication processes and reduce unnecessary stress of operating your phones with the business.


ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) channels are, in effect, digital exchange lines which are consumed in multiples of two channels. They allow the digital transmission of voice and data over ordinary copper telephone wires, bringing better voice quality and quicker data transfer speeds. ISDN offers you the flexibility of numbering and channel configuration to meet your needs.


This service allows your customers to make phone calls while transmitting files and videoconferencing. It can also be used as a cost-effective alternative and back up to a private circuit, offering extra resilience.

Key benefits:

  • Ability to add multiples of two channels enabling your business to grow
  • Take advantage of flexible number configurations helping manage end customers? calls efficiently.
  • Dialogue services allow you to provide a higher level of service and increase the ease with which you manage customers
  • Access to a full range of calling and network features.


This service is usually better suited to medium or large business customers, ISDN30 enables you to create and launch your own-branded digital telephone services. It provides access and support calls, including calls over the networks of other communications providers.

Key benefits:

  • Secure, dedicated, high-bandwidth connectivity similar to a private circuit service.
  • Resilience options to keep your customers' connected.
  • Take advantage of flexible number configurations helping manage end customers? calls efficiently.
  • Access to a full range of calling and network features, including debt management and fraud services.
  • Common signalling standards enabling private circuits to be extended.
  • Transmit voice, data, text and applications such as video-telephony all in one circuit, to help improve efficiency.
  • Enhance your existing ISDN service, seamlessly upgrading from ISDN2 for additional functionality.

In a recent announcement to the industry, BT confirmed that from 2020 they will stop taking any new orders for ISDN services and that in 2025; the goal is that all customers going over the BT network will be served by IP rather than the traditional telephony platform.


? Single Line Multi-lines ISDN2 ISDN30
Type Analogue Analogue Digital Digital
Lines/ Channels 1 number on 1 1 number on Multiple numbers, up to 8 Multiple numbers, up to
? Line multiple lines Lines 30 Lines
Carry broadband? Yes No No No
Requirements ? ? Phone systems required for DDIs (direct dialling numbers)

How it works

  • When our customers make an outgoing call, dialled digits are transmitted down the phone line to the local BT exchange.
  • The BT exchange can recognise the calling party and will then pass the call to the V4 Telecom network where the dialled number is analysed for routing purposes.
  • The call is then passed to the terminating parties? network provider, reaching the destination network. Call charges are billed to your account, which would be paid alongside the line rental charges every month unless you have one of our cost effective call bundles.

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