Suitable for

If you only have one place that your customers can pay and do not need to be able to move aroundwith the payment terminal then this is ideal.


Countertop models connect via a telephone line (PSTN) or a broadband connection (IP). Some models also have the option of connecting a Pinpad to the terminal, and are used when a consumer is separated from a cashier, such as in a post office or a petrol station. It is important to note that Pinpad’s do not have built in receipt printers, and are not standalone devices, but are physically connected to the countertop terminal.


Suitable for

If your business falls outside of the traditional retail setting or you do not have one location where your customers have to pay from then this solution is ideal.


Wireless terminals use Bluetooth to communicate to a base unit, which is connected via PSTN or IP. Wi-Fi models, can be supplied with an access point. Customer’s may opt to use their own access point, but must be aware of their obligation under PCI compliance by ensuring
their own device is not accessible
to the public internet.


Suitable for

Mobile payment terminals are increasing in popularity with smaller businesses, particularly those that conduct trade on the road at exhibitions, markets, trade fairs etc.


Mobile terminals use GPRS signal to achieve their connectivity. These terminals have a physical SIM card inside the device, like a mobile phone, but with a different configuration. NetPay’s GPRS terminals are supplied with global roaming SIMs which enables the device to find the strongest available network to lock onto, providing the customer with the best opportunity to take payments while on the move.

Why Choose V4's Card Payment Solutions?

Real Time Information

You get real time transaction information and intelligent management reporting with our payment solutions. Helps you stay on top of purchases made by your customers and lets you make quick and informed business decisions.

Fast & Simple On boarding

When you switch to V4’s card payment solutions, you don’t need to go through the hassle of making application with a bank and dealing with tiresome and endless formalities. Our application process is quick and simple. Our team will be proactive in ensuring you get the right solution suitable for your business in the shortest span of time.

Terminals you can trust

We offer card terminals used by UK’s biggest retailers, manufactured by various leading companies such as Ingenico Group, Verifone, Spire Payments, PAX Technology giving you the flexibility to choose models suitable to your business needs at the best possible prices.

Managed Installation & After Service

We offer managed card payment services to ensure you never have to worry about installation or upkeep and maintenance. Our one to one account management service backed by our dedicated card payments support team ensure you get all the help whenever you need it. We will be proactively monitoring and analysing your account to help you stay updated with best practices and recommended upgrades.

If you are a “cash only” Business,
You need to adapt to your Consumer’s spending patterns

According to a recent study by Ofcom
"The growth of card payments has been one of the defining elements of the UK’s payments landscape over the past decade. Debit cards in particular have shown strong growth, and in 2017 for the first-time debit cards overtook cash as the most frequently used payment method in the UK, with 13.2 billion payments being recorded."


18.9 million

Payments per day


44.7 million

Payments per day


64.8 million

Payments per day

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