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V4?s ADSL Broadband is a business grade product, meaning that you are kept away from chronic downloaders' and have a support team on hand specifically for our customers. The connection sits on a standard copper telephone line with the service & speed being dependent on location

What speeds are possible?

The actual rates that can be supported on any individual line are influenced by two main factors; the distance of your premises to the exchange and the quality of your telephone line. Where possible, the vast majority of our connections run over BT?s 21CN network, which is designed to create an enhanced broadband experience.

The speeds of our ADSL service typically range from 2Mb to 24MB.

How ADSL works?

ADSL Broadband UK

Consider this option if?

This product is perfect for businesses with a requirement for a standard internet usage, such as email and internet browsing.

FTTC Broadband

The BT 21st Century Network (21CN) is designed to provide an enhanced broadband experience in comparison to that which was previously available with BT and LLU operator SMPF (single metallic path) services. Part of the 21CN rollout is a service known as Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC). Delivered across BT?s Next Generation Network this service offers connectivity based on VDSL2 technology, providing higher line rates of up to 80Mbit/s downstream and a choice of either 10Mbit/s or 20Mbit/s upstream. This is achieved by running fibre to your local BT street cabinet.

What speeds are possible?

The actual rates that can be supported on any individual line are influenced by two main factors; the distance of the copper connection from the customer?s premises to the street cabinet and the number of customers signed-up and using the common bandwidth delivered over the fibre connectivity running from the cabinet back to the exchange. The service is designed to deliver up to 80Mbit/s downstream and up to 10Mbit/s or 20Mbit/s upstream depending on the service option selected. This provides considerably more bandwidth than traditional ADSL or LLU connectivity and is ideal for bandwidth hungry applications such as Voice over IP, Video Conferencing and Cloud based applications enabling V4 to provide truly converged solutions to our customers.

How FTTC works?

UK Broadband Providers


The national coverage and availability of FTTC is on the increase, however whilst exchanges may be enabled unlike other broadband services there is a dependency on the street cabinet that serves the premise being FTTC ready. BT is enabling more exchanges for FTTC on a regular and structured basis.

The Benefits

Take advantage of the next generation of broadband connectivity and enhance your business with market leading high speed services.

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