Comms Business Awards 2019

22nd May, 2019


V4 Telecom nominated as FINALISTS in Reseller of the Year (SMB) category by COMMS BUSINESS AWARDS 2019

It gives us immense pleasure to share with our stakeholders that V4 Telecom has been nominated as FINALISTS in Reseller of the Year (SMB) category by COMMS BUSINESS AWARDS 2019. This is a major milestone for our team who continued to believe in our vision and ideologies. Our heartfelt congratulations to the team who have made this possible.

Here goes our story…

Being on the consumer end of Telecoms in a small business setup in Midlands ourselves, we experienced a wide service gap between giant telecom suppliers and small businesses who were more often than not deprived of fair prices and after care owing to their limited bargaining power.

With an inexorable drive to bridge this gap, break the one size fits all approach and bring bespoke telecom solutions to small businesses in Midlands, V4 Telecom was founded in 2014. We started out with a small team of 3 members with very humble resources and recorded a turnover of just £27,881 in the first year.

Factors that drove us to proceed in to the second year were excellent customer feedback and their constant words of encouragement. We have since been living by our strong ethos to treat every customer as an opportunity no matter the size of their account with us, to lend listening ears to their needs, to create a bespoke solution for every individual need and provide personalised after care.

Today we stand proud to register £1.92 million in revenues in 2018 with an average growth rate of 100% year after year and a team size of 45. Our revenue forecast for 2019 stand upward of £2.5 million. We have evolved from being a traditional telecoms provider into a future ready unified communications company. We have expanded our customer base from small businesses to residential customers in Midlands. Our team and our customers recognise each other on a first name basis which speaks volumes about our belief in nurturing relationships beyond telecoms.

We believe, without a shadow of doubt, that our success and exponential growth is owed to our team backed by strong and nurturing leadership, who all dream the same dream. We owe our success to our now staunchly loyal customers who had chosen to trust in V4 Telecom, a brand that was less recognised in the first instance.

Bringing home, a prestigious recognition as such from Comms Business Awards is a tribute to our team who have upheld our company ethos over these years, burnt the midnight oil on countless instances and have perennially gone out of their way to help our customers. A recognition as such is a win for our customers who have grown with us, who chose to believe in a young team with strong values and clear goals. We believe this prestigious recognition has put a stamp of approval to our methods, our ideologies and will be an inspiration for other small business like ourselves in Midlands, who share similar ideologies.

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