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V4 Telecom proudly carries a die-hard belief in promoting service excellence. Our customers? come from a diverse spectrum of industries across the UK including, Hospitality, Automotive, Solicitors and a multitude of other sectors.

About V4 Telecom

V4 Telecom is one of the fastest growing Telephone Service Providers in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Australia under parent entity ABI Business Services Limited across these markets. V4 Telecom has its core background in UK Telecoms where its Directors have spent over 10+ years creating and running very successful service based Telecoms. V4 Telecom supplies Fixed Voice, Business Mobiles, Data Services, IT Services & many others to small businesses across these 3 markets.

We specialise in providing phone and internet access services to SOHOs, SMEs and corporate customers, guaranteeing attractive pricing and one-to-one account management for all UK businesses regardless of the size of the organisation. These include inbound and outbound telephony solutions, high-speed internet access, telecom?s auditing, hardware and data solutions.

Our company ethos is to do business on your terms. We tailor our offerings when needed to suit each individual business customer and continually seek to innovate, add value and simplify our product array. V4 Telecom combines its services with full management of all support related areas required to deliver the customer?s entire gamut of telecommunications services.

V4 Telecom?s current profitability as a UK Business has been achieved through its ability to deliver high quality, low cost telecommunications solutions, together with a full management capability and highly transparent billing. This model is employed in the UK to follow in the footsteps of Australia but with a tailored approach to the UK telecoms industry.

The Challenges You Face As a UK Small Business

Small businesses usually pay the highest phone rates in the industry. They also tend to receive the lowest service levels. This is because we believe they have never been given the buying power or the understanding that they can demand lower pricing or buy more efficient services. Limited choice and hidden costs within the Telecom industry makes the buying decision needlessly challenging. Small business owners are often too focused on their business and its growth to negotiate the right offer or to even verify that they are receiving a good deal from their Service Provider.

Our Mission @ V4

Our team members have a clear vision, to put you the customer at the forefront of everything we do in our solutions and services management where our members will go out of their way at all times to deliver 5 star services to you, the customer irrespective of account size and type. To a business, time and money is everything in today?s ecosystem, V4 Telecom recognises and builds unified solutions to fill the void for the end customer where they get access to multiple solutions under one single account backed by low costs and a dedicated service account manager, every day of the business week.

Our support centre is staffed with experienced professionals who undergo rigorous training on support & the ethos of our business. We are able to offer small businesses such low prices and great service because we aggregate the buying power of all of our customers to buy at very low rates. Our automated back-end systems also enable us to operate a state-of-the-art and highly efficient operation.

Thank you...

V4 Telecom owes its newly found success to its customers and our highly responsive staff & supporting partners. Our single greatest source of new business is from satisfied customers referring others. Some of the best ideas in our business have also come from our valued customers and our staff. If you feel that there is anything we can do to improve our services, please don?t hesitate to contact us.

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